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Redwood Animal Health believes in natural, sustainable livestock health management. For queries or to place an order, please Contact Us.


The Original
Apple Cider Vinegar

Redwood Animal Health (RAH) under the Redwood Cellars name has been producing apple cider vinegar for over 50 years.

More and more New Zealand farm managers and animal owners have come to realise the benefits of using the original, natural Redwood Cider Vinegar for dairy cows, horses, sheep, cattle, poultry, pigs and all animal health, economy and sustainable practice.

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AND Effective

Redwood pure Cider Vinegar is good value at double strength 8% acetic acid.  This is twice the strength of what you'll find elsewhere.

For proper dosage rates for horses, dairy cows, calves, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry, please see Technical Info.

And Redwood Animal Health delivers straight to your farm freight free.

Animal Health
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Livestock Health

Rich in vitamins and nutrients, and available with immune-boosting garlic, garlic and honey, and 6% certified organic, Redwood Cider Vinegar is a thoroughly wholesome supplement for integrating into your animal health programme.

Especially in today’s environment where animals are building resistance to synthetic compounds and aggressive treatments, there is an increasing demand for the natural products of Redwood Animal Health.

No chemicals, no additives, and no preservatives are used in making our Cider Vinegar.




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